Decor Duemila Group is a client’s partner, sharing its objectives and strategies, supporting it from the first phase of study to the opening of the structure.

It makes available to the client professionals with specialized knowledge and specific skills, able to face any planning, technical, regulatory and marketing issues related to the creation of their own fit-out, thus giving the client the most valid support during all phases of the project.

Compliance with the implementation times and the quality of the operating procedures are guaranteed by a tested organization, where means and people ensure that the objectives are achieved in the shortest possible time and in compliance with the set budget.

The dialogue with the client and the architects, the research and experimentation, the engineering of each single element are the fundamental elements of the approach of Decor Duemila Group to the realization of each “turnkey” project. It provides its customers with suggestions, solutions, ideas that respect functionality, cost constraints and timing at the same time.

Decor Duemila Group is able to offer quality and specific professional skills to meet customer needs. Analyzing the design concept and the quality standards required by the client, it is able to interpret and translate any specific aesthetic and functional design need.

Do you have a project to realize? Contact us now for consultation and free quotes

Decor Duemila Group provides its customers with suggestions, solutions, ideas that respect at the same time the expected objectives, the expected times and the planned budget. Do you have a project to do? Contact us now for consultation and free quotes.

Turnkey solutions

We directly take care of every implementation phase: from the project to the production, from the internal building works to the plant engineering, from the finishes and decorations, to the supply of fixed and mobile furnishings.

Experience and Competence

The acquired experience allows Decor Duemila Group an exceptional versatility of intervention in extremely heterogeneous projects, always guaranteeing an effective and quality realization, respecting the expected times and costs.

Realized projects and References

Some of our prestigious clients: Natuzzi, Hallmark Hotels, Nicoline, Max Mara, Divani & Divani, Sky Services, Western Furniture. We satisfy every project request according to the highest quality standards in the various areas of hospitality, corporate, nautical and retail.